Thank you for your interest -- there are many ways to help move Ripple forward. Please feel free to contact with any suggestions or to find out more, or just start helping right away!

Share Ripple

The easiest and most important way you can help is to sign up for Ripplepay or another Ripple site, explain it to friends and associates, inviting them to use it, and to do any other forms of outreach (e.g. you can talk about Ripple with businesses you shop with or charities you donate to).

You can meet other Ripple participants to trade with at Ripplexchange.

Do your friends already use IOUs? Great! Just show them how they can simplify their lives while contributing to a growing public tool by entering the IOUs into Ripplepay or another Ripple site.

Selling some of your possessions or performing a service? Why not ask for payment in Ripple? Your partner gets to buy with credit and you get to transition more activity to the open network!

Develop Ripple

If you're a coder or a designer, there are several Ripple coding projects going on. Most, if not all, are open source. If you're not sure which one is for you, ask on the group.

You could also help to design and implement the distributed Ripple protocol for creating a Ripple network spanning multiple independent servers.

Serve Ripple

Several different Ripple server packages are available for anyone to run on their own host.

As of yet, no server type has any distributed elements for connecting users on different server instances, but this may come in the future. For now, if you wish to transact with an established base of Ripple users, your best bet is probably Ripplepay.

Document Ripple

You can edit this wiki, or create other documents that clarify Ripple. A good place to start is at the Wiki To Do page. To get involved with documentation, send an e-mail to

We need an english speaker to add a voiceover to this and other introductory videos. You can also help improve graphic style of videos and presentations. For more information join the discussion group.

The wikipedia article about our project needs work! See the article's discussion page

Fund Ripple

We can put contributions to good use, whether you send them through Ripplepay or a more traditional form. Ways to donate:

More info is available at Thank you.

Our Donors page lists those who have graciously supported our project.


Got any other ideas? We'd love to hear 'em! Post to the discussion group or send e-mail to