Ripple Inter Server Protocol

Allows interaction between nodes distributed on many servers.

Ripple inter server protocol

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Ripple Protocol Design Technical Documents

Discussions and designs for a protocol by which independent Ripple servers could communicate to route payments between them.

Ripple Protocol v0.6

JSON messages over HTTP.

Ripple Protocol v0.5

Custom binary message transport with messages encoded as Protocol Buffers.

Other Recent Ideas

  • Definitions - What's a node?
  • Identity - How do people and hosts address each other?
  • Knowledge Routing - Give each peer enough information to compute routes itself.
  • Messages - Description of protocol messages
  • Commit Block Chain - Improve transaction atomicity by creating a block chain of commit messages.
  • Building Cells By Block Chain - Improve privacy and scalability by letting well-connected groups of peer endpoints self-organize into cells whose internal connections are then abstracted away from the greater network.
  • Tunneling - Improve anonymity and privacy with secure communication tunnels to other endpoints.
  • Proxies - Proxy transactions through other endpoints, obscuring the true source or destination of transactions.
  • Solution Stack - All the other bits and pieces that form an overall distributed payments and marketplace product from a user perspective
  • Distributed Architectures - Different ways of organizing a Ripple network.
  • Commit scripts - A proposal for substituting registries and enable new features.

Older Stuff


You can find an animation of a basic transaction here ( .odp open office presentation)



These are meant to be refined during the process of building a reference implementation.

Ripple Protocol v0.4

Ripple Protocol v0.3

Ripple Protocol v0.2

Ripple Protocol v0.1