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Use Case Type

Use Case



Requirements (online services)


Face to Face exchanges


Face to face exchanges and Ripple payments for people that does not carry electronic means of payment

  • Local community willing to exchange goods
  • Cheap acces to internet in the Market place: Wi-Fi or bluetoot or zeegbee or Mobile \\

(todo: help find such community )

Ripple service e.g. (todo: improve software usability)

This is seen as take-off application
relevant discussion here and here

Small School community

Same as "Underbanked"

Local business


Same as "Underbanked"

Online exchanges

  • Online community
  • Cheap internet access
  • Online marketplace e.g.

Ripple service e.g.
(todo: improve software usability)

Micro Donation

  • Online community
  • Appealing beneficiaries providing transparent donor list

( todo: help find such beneficiaries )

Ripple service e.g.
( todo: improve software usability)

This is seen as take-off application
relevant discussion here

Integrated resource accounting

Use Ripple to track resources within other applications, such as distributed data transfer, Emule ...

Ripple service e.g.
( todo: integrate client applications)

proposed here

Face to face commerce

This is seen as the use case that requires less effort to take off.

Wich community?

Many proposals have been done about communities:

  • 'Underbanked' That is, people that does not carry electronic means of payment.discussed here
  • Find networks of people that have a lot of 'facetime'. Seriously, I don't know how your town is socially structured, but the average North

American metropolitan suburb is a complete social basketcase and the last place you could set up something based on trust. Although I live in a suburb, my real friends are artists that work in warehouse studios and live in coop housing in the bohemian parts of town and -- this is important -- meet 10-15 of their circle of 250+ friends face-to-face every day. Yes, some of them also use Facebook but it's considered to be a gimmick, not a substitute for social interaction.

  • Find situations where people already use ways of mutual credit. Such as a baby-sitting/car pooling/dinner cooking co-op etc. Or, in some

pubs, if you're a regular, you can get a free beer and the barman will put a little marker on a beer mat with your name on it as a debt obligation. In some situations suppliers in the supply chain use mutual credit. A fridge wholesaler will deliver fridges to a retailer but only ask for payment three months later, an unofficial way of giving a loan to a retailer whose economic wellbeing is in the interest of the wholesaler.

  • Move to a 3rd world slum like Dharavi. In Dharavi, 650,000 people produce an estimated US$ 2000 per person per year, 85% of them have jobs in the slum itself, working in one of its 15,000 unofficial, unlicensed factories, and they are desperate for some form of money to structure their internal economy. At a population density of ~300,000 per square km they can't walk 100 meters without bumping into 1000 of

their closest friends and, with sleeping up to 10 people in a room, they literally are 'close' enough to each other for a scheme based on mutual trust.

How can we reach a critical mass?

  • Bootstrap the network by giving things away: Go bake some muffins and just hand them out in the neighborhood. Then set up an account in ripple for each neighbor. Your credit limit with them is $5 and theirs with you is $8 because of the muffin. If 100 people just put up 3-5 items for sale/purchase then you have something going.discussed here

Online Exchanges

Ripple will be a real replacement for traditional payment system only when it will be accepted by a good percentage of the internet population. Reaching such an high critical mass is extremely difficult on a global scale. It is easier to reach a critical mass in a small internet community linked by a common interest. For example people that share an interest for example people that collects something.

How can we reach a critical mass?

Ripplexchange can be seen as a tool to create such internet community.