Ripple Protocol Documents

Main Author

  • Ryan Fugger


  • Brandyn Webb
  • Evgeni Pandurski
  • Matthew Toseland
  • Jiri Baum
  • Stanislav Mazhara
  • Daniel Reeves

For background on the Ripple concept, see Money as IOUs in Social Trust Networks & A Proposal for a Decentralized Currency Network Protocol (PDF).


  • PaymentProtocol - core network structure and transaction mechanism
  • RoutingExtension - standard path-finding/payment routing
  • ChannelExtension - advertisements through the network, constructing paths for later use
  • AccountExtension - standard shared accounts between two Ripple nodes
  • SCTPBinding - a binding to the SCTP protocol as a message transport layer
  • TCPBinding - a binding to the TCP protocol as a message transport layer

Work Page

Each section has its own work page for discussion, linked to at the top and bottom of the document.