Solution Stack

This section of the wiki is intended to add some context to the ripple protocol details.

The aim is to list the functions of a complete end-to-end, decentralized buying and selling or donating user experience. This includes but is not limited to :

   * Path Discovery - how the routing onions used in the ripple protocol are created.

   * Marketplace Discovery - how one finds items one can buy or sell  or donate with 
   a given ripple account on a given host

   * Host Discovery - how one finds the best host for one's own ripple account

   * Monetisation - how organisations running ripple servers offering both ripple and the kind of 
   additional services outlined here  might be able to cover their costs and be able to create
   reasonable profits, or benefits in the case of a charitable cause.

This section of the wiki is not intended for discussion of specific ripple use cases or deployment scenarios except as they relate to the general principles of the features listed above. The end goal is to develop additional protocols or at least the architectural principles of these additional key systems that add value to the core ripple protocol.

One view of the full stack from a user perspective is as follows, and aims to show where various possible functions such as interest charges, path discover and security might sit.

The term "Solution Stack" is appropriate since without these elements the core ripple protocol is not useful by itself. The obvious case is that successful path discovery is a pre-requisite to invoking a ripple payment. That said, there are multiple possible solutions to this problem and thus multiple possible Solution Stacks.